Looking Back….Experience breeds Confidence

Contingent Workforce Strategies October 2006

Contingent Workforce Strategies
October 2006

Check out this article from Contingent Workforce Strategies from October 2006.

They were looking to profile the newly emerging pool of contingent workers (stay at home Moms).  I was profiled!!! When I had my first son Dean in December 2005 – I was determined to be a work at home Mom.   Experience has made me confident.  I did it and now you can too!  We live in a wonderful time where technology enables us to work anywhere.

Lets start a conversation today to build the future of your dreams!  It is attainable.

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Thank you to Tori Johnson, Stacey Smith, Linda Shapiro & Kristi Stangeland for helping me design the life I dreamed of….the best is yet to come!