Kids and Parents

In my experience it is usually best when the young children in your life only manage to perturb one parent at a time.  When you have a situation where both parents are at their wits end it is not a good thing.  For the last few days, my oldest (who is 6 years old) has been really trying our patience and that is running very thin around our house.  This makes for a tense environment around here, I am hoping that it will change soon.  It seems as though, mothers usually get the short end of the stick when they are at the end of their rope with their children and then enter the room/house/car to find the dad is immediately tuned into your mood and jumps right into the fray.   When the reverse is true, some mothers can remain completely calm while the dad’s are off their rocker.  Why is that???


Welcome to A Change in View!

Hello all, this blog was created to look beyond one view (your own).  Replacing it with the understanding that different people have different views.  We should all learn to respect others views and not judge.  I realize some may see this as naive.  That may be true, but I will be getting inner peace in this calmness.